About Leonidas

Discover the world's finest fresh Belgian chocolates

Leonidas is a world-renowned luxury chocolate maker, selling over 100 different kinds of real Belgian chocolates, through 1,400 chocolate shops around the world.

Leonidas was founded in 1910 bearing the Greek name of it’s original founder, Leonidas Kesdekidis, yet the beliefs that first inspired the company nearly one hundred years ago are as strong as ever.

Fresh Gourmet Chocolates

Leonidas guarantees the freshness and quality of its chocolates. They are always made according to traditional methods, using only the finest ingredients. 100% pure cocoa butter for the coating, natural ingredients like fresh butter and fresh cream, and delicacies such as hazelnuts from Turkey, Morello cherries from the Périgord, almonds from Italy and walnuts from Grenoble. In short, the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

Internation Guarantee - Leonidas has for several years made use of the latest technology to guarantee that freshness, quality and safety even further.To be in line with European food companies, Leonidas has integrated the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) quality control standards to ensure a high level of a safety and security in the manufacturing and delivery chain of its products. Our Leonidas chocolates are delivered to us freshly each week.

Chocolate Gifts

Leonidas have wonderful chocolate and confectionery gift ideas for all, presented in luxury gift boxes or the more traditional Belgium Chocolate Ballotin Box.

You'll delight in the scrumptious collection of pralines made with fresh butter cream, ganache, hazelnut and almond paste. Tempt yourself with truffles featuring rum, coffee, pistachio, champagne and coconut. Delight in the Leonidas seashells and liqueur filled chocolates. Savour the fine solid milk, dark and white chocolate bars and marzipan fruits range. Leonidas always present new stylish gift ideas and chocolates for all seasonal holidays.

So if you’re looking for an indulgent chocolate treat or that gourmet chocolate gift that is beautifully presented our Leonidas range will not fail to tempt you.

Leonidas the Taste of Freshness – 100% FRESH

Since his very first creations, Leonidas’ recipe for success is based on the virtue of impeccable freshness. Today, Leonidas makes more than 100 varieties of Belgian chocolates of the highest quality and freshness – never using frozen products and always using chocolate made form 100% pure cocoa butter.

The Pleasure of Generosity – The Desire to Share

Have you ever considered the number of big and small occasions that punctuate our daily lives? It may be a birthday, a party, a dinner with friends, a wedding or a romantic evening. Whatever the reason, it’s always an occasion to give a luxury chocolate gift.

Celebrate these moments in a special way by making Fresh Belgian Gourmet Chocolates a distinguished but affordable guest, Leonidas chocolates have a certain characteristic that blends perfectly with life’s pleasures. Leonidas’s delicate and delicious praline always makes an ideal and original gift, pleasing those who know how to appreciate its try value and remembered with immeasurable joy.

The legacy of the Master Chocolatier

Built on the philosophy of “making praline accessible to all”, Leonidas continues to create original and gourmet products in a spirit of togetherness, closeness and sharing. For four generations now, Leonidas bestows the same amount respect and significance to the legacy of its founder. Today, the company continues its craft with tireless passion and with an absolute respect for tradition in the pursuit of guaranteeing 100% quality and 100% pleasure.

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