Chocolate Bars

Luxury chocolate bars are amongst the best presents you can give someone, especially if you choose a bundle of tasty chocolates with unique flavours. At Chocolate Express, we offer stunning products direct from the artisans at Leonidas. As a world renowned manufacturer with over a century of history and shops all over the world, you can guarantee a taste sensation like no other.

A broad selection of chocolate bars is available to choose from, including milk, white, dark and a broad range of different flavours. If you want something unique you can go for Feuilletine (milk chocolate with crispy biscuit pieces) or Nibs (dark chocolate with cocoa bean fragments). You can select one of our carefully arranged collections or make your own and decide exactly what flavours you want. Choosing your own selection means you never need to worry about chocolates left over at the end, or buying those that people won't like.

Chocolate bars come in two different sizes, full bars or solid squares. Mini bars are a fantastic snack sized treat and can be used as a great accompaniment for dinner or coffee. Large bars are the perfect indulgence, making them tough to share. You can even choose special selections that include a mixture of different bars, fresh individual chocolates and our beautiful pralines.

All Leonidas chocolates are made fresh using traditional recipes for the perfect taste. At Chocolate Express, we get a weekly delivery and only stock the freshest products possible. When you choose a selection we pick it out by hand and package it especially for you. This gives us the chance to check quality and ensure the person you give the gift to will be awed. These chocolates are truly special and every connoisseur should try them.

When it comes to luxury Belgian chocolate Leonidas is one of the most recognised manufacturers in the world. We make it incredibly easy to try their products with our great website and dedicated telephone service. If you would like to place an order you can do so online or by calling 01534 873834. We provide delivery around the world, with free 1st class services to the UK and Europe.

Once you try these tasty treats we guarantee you'll want to receive a chocolaty gift every special occasion. With our loyalty club, you can even earn points on your purchases and use them towards more chocolate. The number of selections we provide and the option to choose your own selection means you can enjoy different flavours every time.