35 Choose Your Own

5 out of 5 stars Monday 26 October, 2015 By Cleo Peries - See all my reviews
I like to think of myself of a connoisseur of good chocolate (or at least my waistline does!) - Its like the 3 little piggies nursery rhyme, I used to enjoy eating Thornton's but they went downhill - and Godiva have too much cocoa powder for me - but Leonidas are just amazing (and absolutely perfect) - lovely and rich but not too bitter - get plain chocolate with rum in and allow it to sit at room temperature for about an hour and then pop it in your mouth...YUM!

Its a shame some of the shops have closed down but I love the fact I can come to the Chocolate Express site and pick the ones I want and get them delivered to my door in a perfect little cooler box...life couldn't be more perfect than that!!

Even better than that - unlike some shops you don't need to be rich to afford them - and using the site allows me to save money too - best points in the world!! :-)