Christmas Chocolate

Christmas is a much anticipated time of the year, with family and friends coming together to spend quality time with one another, and to share the festivities with gifts and love in abundance. Chocolate is a sweet treat loved by people of all ages across the world and with this in mind, what better gift to present to your loved ones at Christmas than beautifully wrapped boxes of exquisite, fresh Belgian chocolates.

At Chocolate Express we can provide you with the perfect box of Christmas Chocolate to make an elegant gift. For over 15 years we have been retailing the finest of confectionery, including the world renowned chocolate makers, Leonidas. We have built a long-standing partnership with this brand of luxury chocolate; we even have a shop in Jersey, UK, that is solely dedicated to these high quality delights, meaning we have become very knowledgeable regarding the company and their extensive range. Each week, we receive a delivery of fresh Leonidas chocolates which are then store them in a climate controlled room; ensuring you get the freshest chocolates that provide you with a mouth watering experience.

Leonidas chocolates contain only the finest ingredients, fresh butters and creams and delicacies sourced from across the world to ensure only the very best goes into the final product. You will find delicious flavours to be savoured in this range, with coconut, champagne, praline, orange, coffee and more that will tantalise your taste buds and make you long for more. Founded in 1910, the longevity of this brand speaks volumes, people love the smooth, luxury taste of the chocolates on offer and with over 100 varieties there is something to please everyone. The Greek founder and namesake of Leonidas chocolate set in stone the values and beliefs that are still maintained to this day; traditional chocolate making methods and optimum freshness guaranteed with every bite.

When you think of the festive season, family, great food, drink and selections of premium chocolate comes to mind, and with the fine range of luxury Leonidas chocolates that we retail, you can ensure that at least one of these things exceeds your expectations. The Christmas period brings people together in appreciation of one another and during the celebrations what better way to share this time than with a box of delicious chocolate? Everyone deserves to overindulge over this special yearly occasion, so treat yourselves to fresh Belgian chocolates that will be sure to provide you with a true taste sensation.