Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate gifts are common choice for a variety of occasions, for the loved substance is welcomed by all at any time of the year. Not only are chocolates rich in flavour, but also rich in history. Before the discovery of the Americas, the local population in the new world had been enjoying cocoa drinks for many generations. For Europeans it was an acquired taste, and it took a lot of experimentation to achieve the taste we are all familiar with today.

Creating the perfect melt in your mouth chocolate takes time, dedication, and passion. This is exactly what was happening in many European countries with access to cocoa beans brought over from the new continent. Once perfected, some of these processes were passed down for generations due to the unique smooth and sweet results achieved. Chocolate Express offers luxury Belgian chocolates by Leonidas, a well established chocolatier in business since 1910.

These days one can find many different kinds of confections available to suit all palates. From milk based, to dark, to even exotic combinations created to enhance the familiar flavours we all love. We often grab a bite and satisfy a craving with one of the widely available and popular brands. Having said this, it's probably time you give in and treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious and traditionally made fresh confection.

With the holidays approaching and the gift shopping stress rising, allow us to recommend an easy and guaranteed way to please everyone in your shopping list: holiday themed boxed chocolates. There are a variety of gifts for you to choose from suitable for all, including gluten free options.

If you know someone who is cocoa bean obsessed and often keeps a stock at hand, we have the perfect solution, a gift that keeps on giving: a one year's supply of chocolate. The lucky recipient of your choosing will continue receiving boxes of high quality assorted treats every other month throughout the coming year. The content of the boxes will always be different so that each time a box is opened there will be a new experience for their taste buds.

We have a wide selection of treats special to the season. If you are looking for something different however, we also have fudge, and tasty classic marzipan and fruit jellies available. All orders are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive to their destination safe and sound, and they will taste as beautiful as they look.

Browsing through our selection we are sure you are bound to find something perfect for every one. If you need assistance in choosing from our wide assortment, or have any questions that need answering, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. Our telephone is 01534 873834 or you can leave us a message which we will reply to promptly through our contact form.