Leonidas Chocolate

At Chocolate Express we are committed to offering our customers access to the most luxurious chocolates possible. That is why we have built a strong, long standing relationship with Leonidas, one of the most renowned and prestigious companies of its type in the world. We receive weekly shipments of fresh chocolates, all of which have been made using the same traditional techniques employed by master chocolatiers for over a hundred years. The name Leonidas is synonymous with quality in the chocolate industry and we are proud to supply these incredibly products to our legions of happy customers.

When it comes to gourmet and luxury chocolates we are proud to offer an amazingly diverse collection with sights and smells to delight all chocolate lovers. We have a broad range of products all made with the care and attention you can expect from one of the most successful chocolate manufacturers in the world. We have most of Leonidas' extensive range on offer with delights like seashell shaped alongside ganache, butter cream and caramels centred, Neapolitans and pralines. If you want a truly decadent flavour there are several house cream centered chocolates on offer with lemon, coffee and coconut centres.

Choose from a wide range of gift sets starting from only £9.99 there are gifts to suit every budget. You can choose either one of our luxury and highly recognisable gift presentation boxes or a hand wrapped gift box tied up with beautiful wrapping paper and Leonidas ribbon. Our gift boxes of chocolates make the perfect present for loved ones, weddings, and birthdays or just as a special treat for yourself. Delivery is quick and simple and our specially designed packaging ensures your chocolates always arrive in perfect condition. Protected, we package your gift sets in their own specially made polystyrene packaging and ship them all over the UK, Europe and right across the globe. We offer a range delivery options from international shipping to UK next delivery. We aim to make true, authentic Belgian chocolates available and affordable to everyone, ensuring you can have a piece of luxury delivered straight to your door.