At Chocolate Express we have been retailing luxury Belgian chocolates for over 15 years. One such brand is the luxury Leonidas, founded in 1910 this expert chocolate maker sells throughout 1400 shops worldwide. The success of Leonidas can be put down to the high quality and completely fresh ingredients that go into all of the chocolates ensuring a delicious taste. Presented in stunning boxes and packages these luxurious treats make the perfect gift for people of all ages.

Leonidas uses traditional methods of chocolate making, holding on to the values and beliefs that have been maintained since its very origins many years a go. This is why they only ever use fresh ingredients including butter and cream and 100% cocoa butter as well as ingredients from across the world such as Morello cherries and hazlenuts from Turkey. Whatever your tastes and preferences are there is sure to be plenty to tempt you from our chocolate menu, whether its smooth truffles, sweet fruity flavours, liqueurs or the nutty varieties you will be spoilt for choice with this exquisite range available at Chocolate Express.

Throughout our lives we will celebrate and attend many special events, from birthdays to promotions, Mother's Day and Valentines Day and many more. Presenting someone special with a beautifully packaged box of fresh gourmet chocolates is the perfect way to show you care. And what better way to treat yourself than with a handpicked selection of our finest Belgian chocolates according to your personal tastes? With Chocolate Express you can place orders online or over the phone and we can even create bespoke selections for you and the occasion.