14 Louise,White Praline & Caramelised Nuts

5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 04 November, 2015 By Rachel George - See all my reviews
Let's be clear, there is significant competition as to which Leonidas chocolate is 'The Best'. It is a difficult one to call but this exquisite delight wins for me. The perfect balance of thick, creamy, intense and not overly sweet white chocolate shell and the gorgeously intense praline really can't be topped. I mean, I keep trying- ordering different chocolates selflessly to research for you. It is an arduous task. I have to say though, amongst a selection of sumptuous offerings from this brand, the Louise really stands out for me. I have also tried the milk chocolate version. It is also fantastic but I keep returning to this one. My favourite. Thank you, Chocolate Express for always providing me with a swift and flawless execution of my order. To those not sure what to order, if you love white chocolate and you love praline, this will have your taste-buds in ecstasy!