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5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 01 July, 2014 By Cleo Peries - See all my reviews
I absolutely love Leonidas and am a little frustrated that there aren't more high street shops around - but really happy I can buy them on-line.

These are one of the best fresh cream chocolates I've ever come across (so much better that other Belgium choc shops, and I am especially happy that even when ordering on-line all I have to do is write down the chocs I want - especially important as I really love dark chocolate and like to pick things like creams and pralines and avoid others like marzipan, so this is perfect for me - just like being in the shop without having to pay for the travel into London, and just sitting on the sofa infront of the TV. - NOW THAT'S DECADENCE!!

These are special chocs for special occasions so when I get the chance I treat myself on Christmas and Birthdays and I always look forward to receiving them!!

This is the first time I've ordered on-line but I know they are going to live up to their reputation when they arrive!!