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When it comes to giving presents to others, nothing tells them how much they mean to you quite like a gift of delicious chocolate. One of the best parts about chocolate, is that it can be a worthy present for just about any scenario, and is the perfect way to let someone know that you love them. And here at Chocolate Express, we understand just how much people adore being given the chance to indulge their sweet tooth, making chocolate an ideal gift at just about any time of the year. We even have a range of holiday specific chocolates available. For example, introduce your family and friends to our Santa, tree and snowmen shaped treats at Christmas time, or give your loved one or current romantic interest heart themed chocolate on Valentines day.

Kids can even enjoy a little extra fun at Easter time with our range of chocolate eggs and animal lollies, or give their teachers a heartfelt thank you from our " Teacher Thank You" range. Let your parents know how much you love them on Mothers and Fathers day with one of our beautifully gift wrapped boxes containing an assortment of their favourite flavours. We have such an enormous variety, you can be guaranteed that your loved ones favourites will be amongst the choices. All of our chocolates are of course of the highest quality, kept at their freshest in specialised storage and bursting with the flavour that has made us one of the premier choices in the industry. Our chocolates are created using only the finest ingredients available, and designed with both style and taste in mind.

We also put great care into our gift boxes, which like our chocolates, can also be shaped to the occasion, with decorations matching events such as Christmas, Valentines day, Halloween and even christenings and weddings. No matter the occasion, we guarantee some of the best quality Belgian chocolates available, at prices that are affordable for all. So feel free to browse through some of the examples available on our website, so you can pick out the perfect gift to let your friends and family know how much you care.