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Leonidas is a world-renowned luxury chocolate maker, selling over 100 different kinds of real Belgian chocolates, through 1,400 chocolate shops around the world.

Leonidas was founded in 1910 bearing the Greek name of it’s original founder, Leonidas Kesdekidis, yet the beliefs that first inspired the company nearly one hundred years ago are as strong as ever.


Leonidas guarantees the freshness and quality of its chocolates. They are always made according to traditional methods, using only the finest ingredients. 100% pure cocoa butter for the coating, natural ingredients like fresh butter and fresh cream, and delicacies such as hazelnuts from Turkey, Morello cherries from the Périgord, almonds from Italy and walnuts from Grenoble. In short, the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

Internation Guarantee – Leonidas has for several years made use of the latest technology to guarantee that freshness, quality and safety even further.To be in line with European food companies, Leonidas has integrated the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) quality control standards to ensure a high level of a safety and security in the manufacturing and delivery chain of its products. Our Leonidas chocolates are delivered to us freshly each week.