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Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter is fast approaching, a time of year when chocolate is in abundance. At Chocolate Express, this is no exception. We have a wealth of eggs-citing options for you this Easter. Hunt no further. 

If you haven’t yet tasted our Leonidas mini eggs, you really are missing out. We have 19 uniquely flavoured mini eggs, from all the new Milk Cookies & Cream to old favourites such as White manon cream, launched in 2018, White pistachio, Dark Tiramisu and Milk caramel, not to mention Dark praline & caramelised nuts.

Leonidas stands out in the world of Belgian chocolate, distinguished by the most notable of chocolate connoisseurs, a feat not easy to accomplish. Leonidas mini eggs also stand out, from a vast sea of smaller mini eggs which appear at this time of year. They are guaranteed to enchant, whether the recipient is young or old and whether they have a penchant for white, milk or dark chocolate.

Whether you opt for them to be bursting out of a luxurious chocolate shell or tucked away inside a delightful gift box of your choosing, these mini eggs are a family favourite as there is something to suit everyone.

Furthermore, those of you who are watching your waistline before the Easter chocolate feast begins, be sure to check out our No Added Sugar mini eggs. These tempting morsels are perfect for the health conscious among you, created from the purest of ingredients. Not only are they made from 100% natural products, derived from natural cereals but they also have fewer calories than sugar and are recommended for diabetics. 

These foil wrapped eggs come in milk, dark & white chocolate as follows:

  • White: Solid white chocolate
  • Silver: White praliné & puffed rice
  • Lime Green: White pistachio
  • Coffee Cream: Dark tiramisu
  • Yellow: Dark lemon
  • Brown: Solid dark chocolate
  • Light Brown: Dark praliné & caramelised nuts
  • Orange: Milk nougat
  • Black: Dark Sao Tome 72% cocoa 
  • Pink: Milk popping candy
  • Gold: Milk praline & biscuit
  • Light Blue: Milk caramel
  • Red: Dark raspberry
  • Dark Blue: Milk vanilla
  • Electric Blue: Solid milk chocolate 
  • Purple: Milk hazelnut paste
  • Baby Pink: White raspberry
  • Old Gold: White Manon cream
  • Teal: Milk cookies & cream

With the ability to earn loyalty points and receive great discounts on each order both at Easter and all year round, the question that remains is: which eggs will you choose?

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