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Finally it feels like Spring has sprung and here at Chocolate Express, we are celebrating the return of the longer days, with some of our freshest Belgian chocolates, including some of our favourite pralines.  

Interestingly, pralines take their name from the cook who originally created them at Chateau Vaux-le Vicomte in France in the 17th century, Marshal du Plessis-Praslin. The first pralines were whole almonds individually coated in caramelised sugar.

While they originated in France, the chocolatiers of Belgium were the first to start selling the infamous chocolate delicacies, filled with a soft fondant centre.

Put a spring in your step, whatever the season and treat yourself or someone you love to some of our lush leonidas pralines. Known by some as ‘pray-leens’ (most commonly Americans) and ‘prah-leens’ by others (typically Europeans), while you can argue over the pronunciation of the word itself, one thing you cannot dispute is that Leonidas Belgian pralines are second to none.

If you love white chocolate, our mouth-watering white Louse pralines are a must, while our dark praline marrons appeal to the coffee and dark chocolate connoissuer alike. 

There need never be an excuse to spoil yourself. Why not give us a call or browse our ‘Leonidas Praline’ section of the website to see what we have to offer, from to noisette masquée, in a thick white, milk or dark chocolate shell, and a whole hazelnut to the carré croquant, a smooth praline with a luscious creamy blend of finely ground roasted hazelnuts, sugar and chocolate. 

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